In the situation that you come across any issues with our website or tool, this contact page should help you out. We have made sure to dedicate an email to users that are in need of advice from the main source. We will always reply to any messages within reason, and provide a 72 hour window for our reply period. We are proud of our success rate tackling any issues and we aim to continue this at a permanent rate.

We are working on providing different methods of contact in the future, ones that may be faster. There are some convenient methods that could see problems resolved faster. For now though, we are sticking with the reliable email solution. Once we have worked on other improvements we will look into our options.

There is also an FAQ page which may be of better use to you than here. It already has plenty of Questions and answers that cover many problems. It is an archive of the most common questions we get asked with an answer provided for each. This page is growing each week in the hope that it can give a quick fire solution to more than 50% of people. We do understand though that sometimes unique situations arise. In this scenario, we will still be here to deal with that ourselves and allow you to continue your enjoyment.

Any queries at all we are always happy to respond in good spirits. There is always a chance that a simple message may give us some inspired feedback or ideas. We are more committed here to help out, but don’t hesitate to come at us with any feedback you have in mind. We are always looking to improve here, so that the website and tool can grow together as one strong pair.